Where It All Started

I became interested in film at a very young age, buying a Super 8 camera and making short films with friends. Later using an old Bolex 16mm crank camera we made a short surreal film entitled, LOOSE FITTING DRESSES ARE EASIER TO GET INTO. You can see that film below. Influenced by the likes of Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, LFDAETGI had nothing to do with dresses, loose fitting or otherwise.

I conceived the film with my childhood friend Rick Kendrick. I directed the film with Rick shooting and editing it. It’s hard to imagine liking something you made as a kid, but to this day, I really get a kick out of watching it. There’s something innocent and unencumbered about this film in my opinion. It also marked the transition from making silly little films to ones that attempted to make a broader statement. Some of the original title cards are missing, music was also added later. This is the only film that survives from those youthful beginnings.

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