The Second Room

second-room-posterStanley, a frustrated architect, has spent a lifetime confined in the “first room” of missed opportunities and unspoken words, paralyzed by disengagement and fear of experience. He has no idea what he wants, much less how to get it. He encounters Moira, a woman who Stanley believes has found fulfillment. He follows her, seduced by the pleasure of watching her daily activities. Through a dark and complex relationship, navigated on the narrow ledge between fantasy and reality, Stanley finally follows Moira’s path into the “second room” to find his own completion.


“Simon crafts an intelligent thriller that never disappoints.”
– Patrick Hickey Jr.,

“The Second Room is a hot feature for a director to be on the look out for.”
8 out of 10 Points
– Jim Bartoo, Film Threat Best of Issue

“It’s ambitiousness, it’s high style and it’s artful self-consciousness are all calibrated to announce an artistic presence. The Second Room makes that announcement quite clearly.”
– Rick Moser, Copley News Service

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