Crooked Creek

crooked-creek-posterMontivagus Productions presents CROOKED CREEK, a character driven thriller, written and directed by Bryan W. Simon.

Posing as the estranged nephew, a dangerous con man searches for a large sum of cash hidden on his aunt’s farm, only to discover that she’s looking too – and she isn’t his aunt.

CROOKED CREEK would be Bryan W. Simon’s fourth feature.

CROOKED CREEK is in one sense a classical noir thriller, and, in another sense, it is a film that reinvents the genre with a male fatale as well as a femme fatale.  Unlike conventional noirs that take place in urban environments, CROOKED CREEK repositions noir’s dark themes in small town Middle America as it engages the audience emotionally, intellectually and morally.

Story analysts at top talent agencies such as ICM and WME stated, “Full of tension and suspense… delivers an excellent, memorable climax.”

CROOKED CREEK will be produced by award winning producers and PGA members Marjorie Engesser, Christopher Lockhart and Consulting Producer Thomas Ethan Harris.

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