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365 Days of Ventriloquial Oddities, Curiosities, and Fun Facts

I’M NO DUMMY EVERYDAY is a continuation of the hit comedy documentary I’m No Dummy directed by Bryan W. Simon. With the help of Vent Haven Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to art of ventriloquism, this book brings to life remarkable facts, legends, lore and stories.

You’ll find out…

  • What puppet was sued for divorce
  • What puppet ran for Governor of Kentucky
  • What puppet testified before Congress
  • Which famous actress was banned from radio
    because of what she said to a puppet
  • And so much more!

An engaging, entertaining and enlightening look into this amazing art form.

“If you’re like me, ventriloquism is an art that you love and appreciate. For that reason, this book is a special keepsake. I couldn’t help myself and finished it in record time. From the photos to the facts, it’s a treasure. If you’re interested in learning more about this wonderful craft as well, it’s a read that will literally open up a new world.”

Patrick Hickey, Jr. – ReviewFix.com

“My review of Bryan W. Simon’s documentary I’m No Dummy back in 2010 was one of my first ventriloquism posts… Simon’s terrific new book I’m No Dummy Everyday is everything else you wanna know and love about the windiest art form! Basically, it’s lots of short, well-written essays based around dates…”

Travis S.D. – Travelanche

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