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“Am I really ordinary?” was Miles’ last thought as the small caliber bullet ripped through his upper pallet and ricocheted around in his skull reconstituting his gray matter into a gelatinous goo. I guess he’ll never...

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Window Shopping

Peering through one smoked glass window after another started to take its toll. At three o’clock in the morning every location started to look alike. Identical interiors, matching people or so it seemed. No not this one. Maybe the next? Sylvia all of eight, could only hope. Sylvia could have given up her search. But...

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Eternal Life

“I’m getting quite good at this,” mused Arthur, as he moved his knight into position. “Checkmate.” “Would you care to play again?” Asked Mr. Bradbury. “No, thank you,” Arthur responded. “I’ve been wanting to read one of your latest stories, then I’m going to play some football.” While others had prayed, filled the offering plates,...

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